Speak up!

Speak up!

They were just four people living their lives – but one day destiny intervened.

They knew that is was much more than a hunch.
This graphic design bunch.

Now they’re welcoming you to Oslo this summer! The subject is Ventriloquism, “What's that?” you might say. “Come find out!” we answer.

Welcome to you and you and you!

Be you a designer, a student, an artist, a writer, a dancer, a model, an architect, all or none of the above – Hey! Come be part of our bunch this summer! And it’s FREE!

Again, what if I'm not a designer? Well, then we need you more than ever.

1 week
4 people teaching their own bunch
32 people from all over the world
3 houseguests

It’s the story, of a man named João who was busy working as a graphic designer in Oslo

It’s the story, of a woman named Kristina who was busy working as a design writer in Oslo

It’s the story, of a woman named Laura who was busy working as a graphic designer in Amsterdam

It’s the story, of a man named Kristian who was busy working as a graphic designer in New York.

The Ventriloquist

The Ventriloquist Summerschool

Listen to your inner voice, transcend into tranquility. Your body is feeling heavy, your mind light. You’re walking on a beach on the outskirts of Oslo in the beginning of August this year. You are attending the Ventriloquist Summerschool. Your mind is expanding; you are opening up to new ideas and concepts. Maybe you're a graphic designer seeking new ways to approach your practice; maybe you're a student in the wide field of design — an artist perhaps, seeking enlightenment. Please join us as we search for our voices. 1 week, 4 guides, 32 minds growing, 3 guest leaders, A choir of voices. How do you speak? Use your voice. Find your voice. Speak with us. This summer. It’s free – the only commitment is spiritual.

Oslo, Aug 10–15th

Oslo, Aug 10–15th

Speak out and face the consequences. She was just a design writer, looking for a great story. Little did she know that a scoop was looking for her. He had taught at schools such as Yale and the Oslo Academy. Now he was out to teach everyone a lesson. A hard-working art director, not keeping his head down. He was what trouble was looking for, and it had found him. She was asking too many questions about how communication talks, but how would she make design do the same thing? Oslo, 2015, no one is safe from the voice of design. It rules the city, and the city answers to no one. In the summer a school will take form where designers, architects, artists - both students and professionals - will make the city answer to them. Posing the question: What is voice in design?

Apply now!

Apply no later than Jul 1st


The initial edition of The Ventriloquist Summerschool will look into how and why designers speak through their own creations. What can it mean to use your own voice, regardless of the arena of action? Are there any differences between speaking personally and professionally?

The summer school is open for anyone of any age, studying or working within design, the arts and all other creative fields. Applications are welcomed from all over the world – both from students and professionals. We especially encourage those with an interest in exploring own voice and taking on others, to apply. Luckily, we can invite people to attend, free of charge.


Each workshop inherently references other fields of knowledge so cross-disciplinary collaboration will only make the experience richer. The participants will get space, time and infrastructure to develop their own projects so the discussion can happen through the work itself.

Also we will have three guest critics from different fields, to be announced soon. Welcome!


During the week four workshops will run parallel, and the participants will be asked to choose one.

Public intervention

“What form can publication, daily broadcast and streaming content take? Where does data collection, localization, reportage and vernacular language fit in? And what about social and cultural intervention, engagement, commentary and forecast?”

One form seen by thousand

“How many eyes can we use to see? And can we speak with several voices at once?

Do you see the same from different points? Does altering the frame that hold the pieces together make the pieces change? What does the choices we make when choosing tell us about how we see ourselves?”

To interview a landscape

“What is there to be asked of one’s surroundings? What elements belong in this conversation? What makes work regional? What makes work universal? What types of voices do things have?”

Articulation Convention

“Theatre and theatricality don’t belong to the stage and screen only. Stories are imprinted daily into the memories of people, crossing the threshold of make-believe and entering the world of maybe-facts and maybe-figures. To this extent, we can all be considered actors putting on routine performances over and over again. Needless to say, this has to be delivered with much conviction and confidence, to the level of mastery of the theatrical performance.”


Each workshop will be lead by one of the tutors. During the week guest tutors will come in to talk about their practice and what ventriloquism can be in their profession.

Kristian Henson (1981) is a New York based designer and publisher. After receiving his MFA from Yale School of Art in 2012, he continued his research and extended his design practice by actively collaborating with artists and institutions in The Philippines. He holds the position of Art Director for The Manila Review, a Filipino literary criticism and arts journal. In 2013, he co-founded Hardworking Goodlooking, a publishing imprint and studio that consolidates the experiments of The Head of Design for The Office of Culture and Design. His publishing work has been exhibited at The New Museum, NY Art Book Fair, Printed Matter, Ooga Booga, PrintRoom Rotterdam, Yale University Art Gallery, Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive Melborne, OBSCURA Festival Malaysia, Ateneo University Press and The Singapore Art Museum.

Laura Pappa (1988) is a freelance graphic designer based in Amsterdam. She has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem. Her recent projects include publication series ‘Exercises in Practical Mischievery’ (Speculative Press) on different, often historical, protagonists in the creation of alternative forms of communication. Her work explores the realm of expression and self-presentation as effective tools to direct different aspects of the everyday life. Laura is the coordinator of the Critical Studies masters programme at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam since September 2014.

Kristina Ketola Bore (1986) holds an MA in Design Writing Criticism from London College of Communication. Working as a design writer and critic, editor and partner in the publishing house Particular Facts, she deals with issues around criticality, policies in form, and re-contextualisation. She curated the exhibition A Form for History on a local typography archive and has continued to work with issues around repurposing objects. Some of the places she has lectured include Bergen Academy of the Arts, NTNU and the Estonian Academy of the Arts. She also runs the course for graphic design history and theory at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

João Doria (1982) is a Brazilian graphic designer based in Oslo, Norway. With a special interest in how many things a single thing can be, he explores via diverse media the creation of simple and meaningless systems intended to communicate through multiple events, discussing where the structure ends and the meaning begins. He has done so in commissioned and self-initiated projects with awards and recognition in countries such as Brazil, Germany, Norway and the United States. He has served, respectively, as a teaching assistant, guest lecturer and advisor at Yale University (US), University of Wisconsin-Stout (US), PUC-Rio (BR), Oslo National Academy of The Arts and Westerdals ACT (NO). He also taught independent workshops such as The Carioca Design Championship, in collaboration with Nina Paim, Uta Eisenreich, Julia Born and Chris Calvet. Recently he exhibited his work at the Independent Publishing Fair "It's a Book", organized by the HGB-Leipzig and will be present in the 2015 International Exhibition in Chaumont, France.

Apply Now!

Applications are open until July 1st and are free of charge. Please fill in the form by clicking on the link below and we will answer you by Week 28 (Jul 10 max).

See you in 2016!

Until then – get in touch if you have something to say: the@ventriloqui.st


The Ventriloquist Summerschool was selected as one of the 2015 Grafillstipend-Stor recipient projects, and is funded by the same institution.

Concept and organization

João Doria and Kristina Ketola Bore